At DuxLegis, we believe in offering cost-effective, customized, and innovative solutions across

all domains of Intellectual Property Rights


At DuxLegis, we are always mindful in assisting clients in maximizing opportunities from their IP portfolios through proper and appropriate IP advisory in the form of legal opinion or casual opinion. The Firm renders Prior art, Freedom to Operate, Validity, and Non-infringement opinions relating to a client’s products and technologies.

IP advisory and opinions also include complete due diligence of client’s IP portfolio and analysis of potential threats that the company might face in its efforts of protecting and enforcing the IP Rights. Our customized focused risk assessment may help client’s to take an informed decision on complex matters concerning protection and litigation of their IP Rights in multiple geographies.

The Advisors at the firm always advice clients and provide a comprehensive IP Litigation Strategy before initiating with a legal suit to ensure that the clients understand how to proceed further and what to expect next. Accordingly, the client sets its expectations, and is cognizant of the costs involved in the process. Such advice help clients to take appropriate decision before initiating the legal proceedings.

The Advisors at the firm always assists clients in structuring their IP through comprehensive due diligence. Most of our clients managed by DuxLegis rely on the expertise of the advisor of the firm and


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