At DuxLegis, we believe in offering cost-effective, customized, and innovative solutions across

all domains of Intellectual Property Rights


In going with our core belief of not just looking at IP as a scarecrow or a crown jewel but a tool that can help grown your business to the next level we offer our specialised IP Enforcement services. We with extreme diligence look at all possible entities that may be violating your IP Right whether it be Trademark, Patent, Design, Copyright or any other related right and develop as well as execute a comprehensive IP Enforcement Plan for organisation. We are equipped to all the necessary capabilities such as:

  • Investigating to identify Violation
  • Conducting raids with Police or Judicial Bodies
  • Running such matters at District Court, High Court or Supreme Court levels

to ensure our client gets maximum from their hard earned and earnestly protected IP Rights.

Litigation Team at DuxLegis have also been active in initiating criminal actions and getting seizure orders from various Indian courts against individuals and businesses that have manufactured and distributed counterfeits.

Litigation Team is particularly versed with the provisions of Trade Mark Registrations as well as Customs enforcement. The team has enabled criminal convictions of many counterfeiting cases, thereby have enough experience in handling criminal actions and expertise in filing suits in appropriate jurisdictions to get desired order, and have an established network to enforce the orders with assistance from local police authorities. DuxLegis provide a plurality of anti- counterfeit services including criminal suits, civil suits, as well as conducting private investigations in cases of alleged counterfeit goods.


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