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DuxLegis offers quality and consistent patent

preparation services for its clients


DuxLegis offers quality and consistent patent preparation services for its clients to help maximize returns from the IP. The Attorneys at DuxLegis understand and appreciate the due importance of patent specification drafting and therefore, the Firm has special focused on quality drafting practises adopted from the worldwide patent specification drafting practices. In order to deliver what we preach, DuxLegis have a dedicated team of patent drafters, who have drafted more than 1000 patent specification collectively.

DuxLegis provides following services in patent search, registration and litigation

  • Comprehensive patent searching with analysis & legal opinion
  • Drafting provisional & complete patent specifications for India and overseas
  • Filing and prosecuting applications at the Indian Patent Office and under the PCT as well as Paris Convention
  • Filing and prosecuting applications internationally in co-operation with our foreign associates
  • Portfolio Management
  • Patent Litigation
    • Oppositions
      • Pre grant (u/s 25(1))
      • Post grant (u/25 (2))
      • Ex parte and inter partes proceedings
    • Infringement actions (Prosecution & Defence)
    • Invalidation/revocation proceedings
    • Appeals (at the High Court)
  • Journal watch services for publications of Patent Applications
  • Post registration services such as renewals and filing statement of working.

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Adv. Shruti K.

Adv. Shruti is an Advocate and Patent & Trademark Attorney in INDIA. In over 15+ years of experience, Adv. Shruti has amassed vast experience in IP strategic advisory, patent drafting, prosecution and litigation.

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