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Pa-A S Jallow

Pa-A S Jallow

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Pa has served AIPLA (American Intellectual Property Law Association) for over 22 years as Director of Finance and Accounting. He is one of the pillars of support that has made AIPLA what it is today.

With over 22 years of his stay with AIPLA, Pa has a deep connection with IP industry throughout the world and he understood the major problems what IP industry faces from East to West. In order to address this problem, he co-founded an IP consultancy firm called DuxLegis IP LLC in United States. DuxLegis US Office act as a one stop platform to all North American’s IP need in India, Pakistan, Middle East and Africa. Pa heads the DuxLegis Office from its office in Washington DC and responsible for managing business development work for the firm in United States.

Divyendu Verma

Co-founder & Director

Mr. Verma is an Advocate and registered Patent & Trademark Attorney in INDIA. In over 16+ years of experience, Mr. Verma has amassed vast experience in IP strategic advisory, patent drafting, prosecution and litigation.

Mr. Verma has handled and managed large IP projects for multiple national and international clients involving framing IP strategy and IP implementation framework, assisting clients to build their IP portfolio. Specifically, in High Tech industry, he has handled a variety of issues including protection of software patents in India. He has advised on issues related to SEPs, technology standards and indemnification for Patent/IP-Infringement.

Pa-A S Jallow


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